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Microk8s Kubernetes - How do I connect two services?

I'm using Microk8s Kubectl in Ubuntu server, I was following some tutorials from Nana's YouTube channel and she explained, for example, how to connect a Mongo Express service to a MongoDB service, however I'm getting an error.

I actually used her files provided here and the problem persists, so I wonder if I have to do anything extra in Microk8s.

Error shown in Mongo Express logs (using her files):

/ line 14: mongodb-service: Try again
/ line 14: /dev/tcp/mongodb-service/27017: Invalid argument
retrying to connect to mongodb-service:27017

Any help is welcome, thank you very much :)


The problem was the coredns deployment wasn't working properly, pod shown as 0/1, you can check these by running: get all --namespace kube-system, therefore Mongo Express wasn't finding MongoDB by the DNS.

I found the following command that displayed some other problems: microk8s.inspect

Then I did as the inspection suggested:
sudo ufw allow in on cni0
sudo ufw allow out on cni0
sudo apt install iptables-persistent

Upon doing so everything worked correctly!

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Biswajyoti Chowdhury

Faced the same issue. The calico pod status helped. Thanks for the insight!


prashanthmgvr profile image
Prashanth Mogaveera

yes, I have faced the same issue, Thanks for the fix. As I'm trying in local I disabled ufw and restarted microk8s, then it got worked.

mehdiwadoud profile image

had the same issue thank you so much for the help

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Eze Onyekachukwu • Edited

how will i do this on windows? i am using docker as a my driver for minikube