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What are the Differences Between DevOps and Agile? (Infographic)

People are often confused by DevOps and Agile in the software development industry.

You may have a lot of questions such as:

  1. How are DevOps and Agile methodologies different?
  2. Is one more secure?
  3. Which one should I use? (Just one or both)?

This infographic will break it down and simplify it for you.
Let’s start by understanding each one separately.

What is Agile?

This methodology takes an iterative and incremental approach to development.

  1. Involves producing release cycles on a continuous basis.
  2. Breaks the software down into small functional deliverables for customer approval.
  3. Addresses the gaps in communication between customer and developer.
  4. Small and rapid releases, customer feedback, and collaboration are the focus of this model.
  5. Aims to bring agility to development.

What is DevOps?

This approach to operations focuses on communication, collaboration, integration, and deployment.

  1. Promotes collaboration between operations and development to deploy releases to various environments.
  2. Automation, continuous feedback, discipline, and process development are the highlights of this model.
  3. Development teams make small but frequent updates to the production software which are often automatically deployed to environments
  4. Aims to bring agility to operations and deployments.

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Alex Sarafian

Although most people refer to DevOps like you explain, the term actually is something much more than automation or anything deriving from Development+Operations.

If you or others are interested in what it actually is, please consider reading my post A high-level overview of DevOps and watch the videos in the comments section. If you really want to spend the time then just read the book mentioned and still watch the videos in the comments section.