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Jean Pierre Chreim
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Welcoming myself

Welcoming myself to the community.

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your holidays and had some rest to start this year, motivated and full of excitement.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jean Pierre, and I am a computer science student working as a mid-level IT Support. I've started this channel alongside a professional Instagram page, check it out here, after seeing many developers posting their progress and their setup.

I’ll be sharing my progress over here, alongside some useful tips, just to make sure that I’ll be consistent with my learning phase and progress, you can say that’s my 2022 resolution, to become a better developer and to open up to this lovely dev community.

In case you wish to know what are my skills and what I’ve already learned, I started to learn Java, since they highly recommended at the university to cover the essential of object-oriented languages, and you can say now that I became intermediate in it.

After learning the basic of Java, they started with HTML, CSS and some basic JavaScript, which we used it as a front-end language. Following this, we’ve learned PHP, which I totally forgot, and they made us to develop a fully functional website connected to a database and running on a local host.

During this time, I wasn’t motivated enough, but for an unknown reason, I wouldn’t mind coding all night to finish a project or an assignment, until everything changed a few months ago where I started from 0. I followed freeCodeCamp’s curriculum and finished all the challenges that are related to responsive web design and got an online certificate. After that, I started with JavaScript and learned the basic of ES6, regex and currently learning algorithm, a subject that I already covered during my first years in the university, but I had to pass to it again to refresh my mind, since it’s very important.

So that’s all, now you know everything, I’ll start to post each two weeks, hoping I’ll be able to do the same each week, showing you my progress and sharing some useful tips that you might use during your career.

Enough about me, I would like to know more about you in the comment section, and if you have a professional account you would like me to follow-on Instagram, don’t be shy to share it !

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

Welcome to DEV, great to have you here!

Public learning will be big in 2022 I can feel it so you picked the ideal time to create content as you learn!

We look forward to joining you on your journey and welcome once more! ❤️💪

P.s. no insta but follow me here on DEV if you want! 😄

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Jean Pierre Chreim

Thank you for the support 🙏🙏

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Ernesto Lopez


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Jean Pierre Chreim

Thank you 🙏