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Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala
Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala

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Imposter syndrome

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So, i have been studying software engineering for almost 5 years, and i always had a problem, i always thought (and still now sometimes) that i don't know how to code, that I'm not even average, or that they are many genius programmers and I'm just one guy that struggle to write code.
But, two weeks ago, a friend of mine told me something that turned me upside down :

"you are a role model and i am working day and night to reach the coding skills that you have,i want to be just like you".

When she said that, i was shocked, so many things came to my mind :
how can she want to be just like me when i spend my time on stack-overflow, when i can't remember some basics CSS rules?
But i realized something, coding is a journey, you will never be the best but you always have to work to be the best.
Sometimes you may feel like you know nothing, but remember that those who answer your questions on Stack-overflow were one day just like you.
Remember that there is someone out there who is working and hoping someday to be like you, to reach the level where you are now.
So whenever the imposter syndrome hits you , just remember what you have already done and say to yourself that you are just starting your journey. Always say to yourself that you are the best, that you are going to be the best, self confidence is the key.

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Actaully this is one of the ideas to overcome impostor syndrome I came up recently.

Don't wait till someone will tell you that you are good. Just start helping others - especially those who just started. Look around and if you see someone strugle, just ask if maybe you can help

You don't even have to know all the answers. Sometimes the best help is just going through some problems together, some pair coding, exchanging knowledge and ideas.

I think this could be a good start to be more self confident. And also others a little it less experienced will really appreciate this making you feel even better :)

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Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala

Yeah i 100% agree, i think sharing/helping others is one of the best things,it not only makes you better but also makes you realize your abilities or what you have to work on.

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ornel edlly

Hi Roger, what you say is true but you have to know that thinking about reaching a level is step by step you talk about the big developers and want to be like you that understands also that you're not like she's like you have the impression of not knowing anything in development, so what proves that you have a level and that you want to reach a higher LOL.

Just to say that this thing is frequent and very frequent even besides and it is like Malgosia to say it is by helping the others that it sees a little nortre real level and that one improves.

Very good subject of reflection, it made me think for a moment hahaha

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Kenneth Larsen

I found a good way for me to handle this. I publicly list all my fails ( and send it to people who feel bad or feel like they suffer from impostor syndrome. It really helps to be outspoken about the fact that no one knows everything.

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Jean Roger Nigoumi Guiala

Wow great idea, i love it. It really shows that every programmer is human.