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PreFy : Personal Recommendation Engine For YouTube

Latest hobby project of jswalker called Prefy. A simple choice of own youtube video collection open for the people who might enjoy an unseen fun and elegant video list.

Project-Link : PreFY

Video collection on fly

To make the system more lightweight, I chose Netlify CDN over firebase CLoudstore because of firebase's relatively smaller amount of Read-query and Every query counts the individual Record consumption instead of query hitting counter which is not suitable for me and in other hand Netlfy offers 100GB monthly bandwidth.In the Case of Prefy production nature Netlify suitable for such kind of project where: fewer KBs are used and cached and make room for more new users.

Role of IndexedDB

To handle more user with less consumption of bandwidth(Netlify Bandwidth) the frequent and latest video collection also store in indexedDB which result in no redundant request on refresh.

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