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Incoming : Web Walkie-Talkie

The new creation of jswalker called Incoming. An army style communication approach around the world acts like a Radio Transmission over the internet.

Product-Link : Incoming


 1.Remember your codename : Your-Code-Name show in header
 2.Keep your language wise.Anyway its your choice to be gentle.
 3.Radio frequency allotted 5 seconds maximum hold
 4.Call each other by codename
 5.Give time to each user to speak comfortably

[Speaking code style]

 1.To start or check communication use : "Your-Code-Name" Inbound.  E.G. 'Bravo-2' Inbound 
 2.To end of each communication use : 'over'
 3.To ask/send to specific code-name use : Coming 'Opponent-Code-Name'. E.G. 'Coming Charlie'  
 4.To end talk use : "Your-Code-name" 'over and out' E.G. 'Bravo-2 Over and out'  

[Bug Submit]
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Sam Perkins

This is really sweet, mind sharing the basic architecture?

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