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Can Anyone help me with my journey?

Hey, Dev community, I hope everyone is reading my post is well.
As we know the main purpose we joined this community is to help each other!
Recently I joined developer community And I have 2-3 month experience about programming languages Such as HTML, Css, Media Quary and basic of java and the Concept of Web developer, So I want to work fast to gain more experience about programming languages to get remotely jobs ASAP. Although I met many challenges like 'English problem' but it seems that I tackle it.
I started to learn at Udemy and Coursera and they helped me a lot.
Can anyone help me learning Node.js or recommended me the best Course of Node.js.because I'm looking for Full-Stack Engineer.

Finally I would to drop your advice.
If something wrong with my post, please click comment below.
Thank you 😊



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Mark Railton

If JS is your thing, then I'd strongly recommend checking out courses from Wes Bos at He has a mix of paid and free courses that cover pretty much most of what you need for full stack JS development

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Abdinajib Junior • Edited