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Best JavaScript resources 2020 - Start from here 🚲

These are my personal picks of learning JavaScript in 2020, I picked all of these resources myself, most of them are my favorites and I also used them while learning.

This was originally a long thread on twitter, later I made a post about it

This list is very much opinionated, and I must have skipped so many resources so feel free to feature them in comments. 🤞

Tania Rascia's Blog

Tania Rascia Blog
She is super awesome, If you love written posts,
@taniarascia got it covered in her amazing blog Grinning face

There are a total of 43 Posts, on JavaScript (Basic to Advanced)
Check it out, and I bet you'll love it. There are more than just Javascript on her blog.

The Modern Javascript Tutorialenter image description here

One of the best, and the most complete tutorial series to date. I love 💘 it because it's a modern approach, brief but simple explanations.
It's also available in different languages through translations. It's currently serving me as my reference guide. Please Contribute to the project, by supporting it through $

JavaScript30 by Wes Bos

It's a fun, engaging, and super cool video series of 30 videos, by one of my favorite content creators. It's unique on its own, as it doesn't follow the traditional learning procedure. I highly recommend it if you want to have more interest in JavaScript specifically.


If you ask for a book, there are two that worth lots of respect! They are also available for free, but I highly recommend you to please support the authors.

Eloquent Javascript (Latest Edition)

YDKJS - Series


Learning JavaScript theory is not enough, to achieve mastery! You've to make some real-world projects, to get into bugs, and then solve it.

@traversymedia got a Udemy course for you.

20 Web Projects with Vanilla JavaScript
enter image description here

Some more resources

JavaScript Style Guide - Airbnb

This is completely opinionated and it's not really related to learning JavaScript, it's to improve your code and make it consistent.

It's a brief list of some of the best practices to follow while writing JavaScript and it's not one-time-visit learning. Bookmark this ⭐

Some of the Posts I loved, and worth mentioning:


One of my most memorable video about JavaScript that really changed my perspective 💘


So that's all you can now close this tab.

Note to my DEV followers and recurring readers: I'm back, and it looks like this time I'll not go for a long time again. 🤞
I'm packing up, for my next remote job with MERN Stack in the next 3 months. I'll make a super great portfolio + also share resources & Learning as I go through my job-process.

I'll also start working on a micro-saas in a few days + there are few more plans. If you want to join me in this journey, I'm active on twitter from day one and never took an off. So be sure to follow me, it's @justaashir

If you're interested in more posts like this, comment 👇
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incrementis profile image
Akin C.

Hello Aashir Aamir Khan,

I like your references and I want to recommend
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer`s books which can be found here:
Exploring JS: JavaScript books for programmers

Most of the books are free to read online!

justaashir profile image
Aashir Khan

Thanks, for adding more value to the post. I highly recommend "JavaScript for Impatient Programmers" as it's much easier and basic to understand than "Eloquent" 😊

cretemonkey profile image

These are some great resources. I'd like to add Watch and Code to the list. It is clear and teaches you how to be a good programmer overall so you really understand what you're doing in addition to teaching JavaScript. Cheers!

ubaraujo profile image
Tom Araújo

Awesome list. Thank you!

I'd like to add some more great resources for beginners:

The Net Ninja - I'ts a youtube channel by Shaun Pelling that teaches so much about web dev.

FreeCodeCamp - It's a learning platform for beginners.
freecodecamp youtube channel

justaashir profile image
Aashir Khan

Thanks 😊.

Your contribution to the post by suggesting more resources made it more useful.

If you got any time, feel free to make a pull request to the official GitHub repo

thejavascriptninja profile image
The Javascript Ninja

Awesome list, full of great resources. I might add Flavio Copes' blog and courses, and my very own blog Great list, keep it up!

justaashir profile image
Aashir Khan

It's also available on GitHub