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CodePen of this Week - A New Series

It's a new mini chunk series 😁, and it's not official or I'm not calculating it based upon most likes and views. It's based upon my reaction when I saw the pen first time.

There are so many pens to feature but I'll just put one every week.

New Episode will be out every Friday. So Stay Tuned

TorchLight Show Password

It was first looking like a simple form but when I entered my password and clicked the show password, I jumped from my seat and my butt still hurts 😣. Devs are being so creative. So I decided to start the series with this pen.

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Note: Please DEV, do something with emojis to make them more natural

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ikenna8317 profile image

Really creative stuff. Hope you don't mind if I fork it ?

justaashir profile image
Aashir Khan

It's not mine 🤷, and it's in public property for inspiration so you can fork it for sure