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My Old Memories - Website Personal Projects I made at the start of my career

I just found an old lost Hard Drive, and I found a lot of things I really do care about now. so there are some of the old projects I made with HTML CSS if you have some old projects, don't get afraid by bad design or anything. Just share with the Community.

Web Ninja

This was inspired by CS Dojo.
HTML CSS Web Ninja

  • Skeleton CSS
  • HTML5 Boilerplate

Younik Fashion

This was just a younik design. using the Pure CSS Background Changing Animation.
Alt Text


Vegetable Man

This was one was really tricky. Used a Big Vector from Freepik, looking like web coded component.
Aashir Aamir Khan - JustAashir

Sticky Notes

I was learning Js at that time, was really excited by hiding and adding HTML elements on click.
Aashir Aamir Khan - JustAashir

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Roelof Jan Elsinga

If only I kept some of my websites from back in the day! It'd be so cool to reminis about how terrible I was and how much progress I've made since then! Thank you for this cool post, it was interesting to read!

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Aashir Khan