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SSG for generating html

OSD600 feels like a subject that composes a program (?) on a specific topic by mobilizing everything that has been learned so far. In the first week, instructions were released to create release 0.1, and I tried to tailor the code as best as possible to the requirements of that list.

When creating the api, I chose node js, which I was most confident and used the most.

After that, I created a repository in Git and named it "jun-ssg" after me. :)

The SSG for text file!

Open Source Project 0.1

jun-ssg is a simple html generator. You can extract your file contents and put them as HTML content.

How to use?

Before start to use
After downloaded files delete the package-lock.json
run "npm install" at terminal
You can dowload and run the repository files -node src/app.js


can run by npm

npm i -g

Example statements

-i, --input Input a file or a directory [string] [required]

-o, --output Specify the output directory [string]

-s, --stylesheet Import css URL [string]

-v, --version Show version number [boolean]

-h, --help Show usage information [boolean]

Examples: After install my package, jun-ssg -i 'Silver Blaze.txt'


  1. Cloning my repository1
  2. After complete the cloning terminal should show like this2
  3. Change the dir location to the cloned folder3
  4. Run "npm install" to use pre-set npm modules4

  5. Try to run "node src/app.js" if everything is fine the terminal should show how to use this api.5

  6. Type any command which is set, but in this case will run -input option type "node src/app.js -i 'Sherlock-Holmes-Selected-Stories'".6

  7. You can check generated htmls.7

  8. Also, you can apply any css stylesheet like this way.8

  9. Then, you can see the htmls with nice design :)9

  10. Text file what you wished.10

My Github Repo

View the repo on Github.

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