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What are your go-to tech podcasts?

jwkicklighter profile image Jordan Kicklighter ・2 min read

To get the ball rolling, here are some of my favorites:

The Bike Shed

On The Bike Shed, hosts Chris Toomey & Steph Viccari discuss their development experience and challenges at thoughtbot with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.

The Bike Shed is a podcast sponsored by thoughtbot, run by thoughtbotters, talking about tech challenges encountered during the work week. I've gained insight into so many technologies from just listening to Chris and Steph chat about topics that showed up during their development week. Conversation often involves Rails and JS, but nothing is off-limits. Elm and Scala have come up a number of times.


A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers.

Hostedy by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, Syntax is a podcast for learning about new things in web development. Since Wes and Scott are both educational content creators, episodes vary from topic introductions to somewhat deep dives on more specific concepts. Definitely less "in-the-weeds" than The Bike Shed, which isn't really a good or bad thing.

The Changelog

Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of the software world

Episodes of The Changelog are generally setup as conversations with interesting people from the tech industry. From developer relations experts to software architects, you may not enjoy the guest of every episode, but there are almost definitely some that will pique your interest.

What do you listen to?

These are a few tech shows in my podcast player, what's in yours?

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Discussion (15)

madza profile image
Madza • Edited

DEV has compiled a nice list, too 🎧

jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter Author

Hey look at that! I should've linked to those in my post, I completely forgot about the addition.

madza profile image

They did an awesome job with it and are podcast oriented themselves: DevDiscuss and DevNews 🎧

ben profile image
Ben Halpern
play pause DevDiscuss
jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter Author

I heard that's a pretty good one 😉

billraymond profile image
Bill Raymond

Most of my podcasts help me forget about work so they are mostly for entertainment or to catch up on the latest in science. I started tinkering with Swift and found Swift by Sundell to be a great podcast.

I like John’s natural style and even though I have zero Swift projects, I really enjoy listening to him and his guests geek out on the finer points of view controllers and hstacks.

jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter Author

That's a good point, and I love to do the same! I'll probably post a follow-up about non-tech podcasts because it's important to have hobbies and avoid burning out 🙂

Thanks for the recommendation though, I've been interested in Swift and this may be a good starting point.

hammertoe profile image
Matt Hamilton

Command Line Heroes by Saron Yitbarek is excellent and a great walk through the history of computing and the people along that journey:

alechstong profile image
Alex Tong

I've been listening to toolsday regularly for some time now. It is mostly about web development. The hosts both work as developer for big tech firms and they have great insights to share on latest technology trends. I like their interviews as well. Plus, the hosts have great personalities, I rarely find their discussion boring even on technologies that I don't personally like.

canro91 profile image
Cesar Aguirre

I follow Hanselminutes

webbureaucrat profile image

Corecursive, which specializes in functional programming and very abstract ways of thinking. The host is very good at picking guests who can just ramble on in a good way.

taijidude profile image

I love hanselminutes

margo_hdb profile image
Margo McCabe

The SELECT* Podcast (brand new 😊, lots of awesome topics/speakers coming in 2021)

jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter Author

Not so much your personal listening material, I'd assume 😉

raymyers profile image
Ray Myers


Legacy Code Rocks


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