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Timo Zimmermann
Timo Zimmermann

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Headless CMS - looking for JAM-stacker 👩‍💻👨‍💻

I've been building all kind of web apps for quite some time now. Occasionally, I also develop websites for small and medium-sized businesses. Over the last years, all my clients wanted me to use a CMS so that they are able to update content, typically images and particular text elements, themselves. Unfortunately, changing an image in WordPress was already a big challenge for them and in the end, they've always asked me to do it.

For me, this is not a great situation either, since I prefer working with modern technologies such as NodeJS and Sapper as I can deliver much better quality with them. I've tried several headless content management systems as an alternative to traditional systems but most of them were to complex for the clients as well.

Therefore, I've built my own CMS over the last months. I put a focus on a clean and simple layout without noise as well as a great developer experience.

media library



It's already working pretty well and comes with a bunch of cool features such as automatic image resizing. I would like to get some feedback from other developers. Therefore I'm looking for a few developers who would like to spend a few hours playing with the CMS and give me feedback. Would be great if you had a basic understanding of typical JSM stack technologies like Gatsby, NextJS or Sapper. I've already built a blog template and a Javascript SDK that helps you get started.

If you are interested, feel free to send me an email to 🙂

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Youssef Rabei • Edited

😲 I'm using contentful as my main cms but I thought about making my own cms but didn't have the courage to do so 😂 and I said I will after a couple of websites

And your CMS looks amazing and I'm sure it won't stop at looks and I will love it
So please tell me how to get started like right now

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Timo Zimmermann

Thank you, it's actually quite interesting to build something like that. I've just replied to your email 🙂

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Hey Timo! Did you try as an option?

Nice and lean interface and so far loved by my clients!