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Kadeck 4.0 Announcement

Today, we at Xeotek are pleased to announce the biggest release of Kadeck to date. Release 4.0.0 is a very special milestone for all of us - a release whose scope consists of changes and new features that will tangibly, literally visibly change the way you work with Kadeck and Apache Kafka.

Many of you have given us feedback, and we've even talked to some of you about the strengths and weaknesses of Kadeck in hour-long online meetings. We are all very grateful for that at Xeotek. As an engineer, it's especially great to get feedback from other engineers on your product. And we took the feedback from you to heart, even if it meant a lot of work.

You are the ones who work with Apache Kafka or Amazon Kinesis and need a tool that supports you. An application that does the tedious work for you and makes you faster, that you can rely on, but that is also fun to work with. Kadeck is your daily companion - we are very proud of that. As your daily companion, every change has a huge impact on your daily work. Therefore, I am happy to say: This update, Kadeck 4.0.0, will revolutionize your work. We have developed a completely new user interface that not only makes Kadeck shine in a modern and new light. Many functions are now easy to use, faster to find and self-explanatory.

A new data catalog view allows you to manage all streams [Kafka or Kinesis Streams] from one central location. The more data streaming applications you develop, the more confusing and time-consuming it becomes to find the right stream with the data you're looking for. With the help of the data catalog, data streams can be marked and the responsible data owners can be specified so that everything remains structured and organized. All streams from all Apache Kafka & Kinesis clusters connected to KaDeck are displayed in a list. Teams, in combination with Kadeck rights management (which can be connected to LDAP, e.g. Active Directory), only see the streams they have access to in their project or department.

Teams are also very much at the center of this update. It is now possible to allow teams to work independently with Apache Kafka in their area of responsibility: from creating or deleting streams belonging to their project or department, to creating ACLs for those streams and for their applications in their namespace, and ultimately monitoring their applications and the data in their streams. Kadeck Rights Management allows all this to be configured via groups and even synchronized with LDAP (e.g. Active Directory).

In addition, many other improvements have been added: multiple streams can now be emptied (deleting all records) or fully deleted and a connection test for Apache Kafka, Kinesis and Schema Registry gives detailed information about the error when a connection is not possible.

In addition, it is now much easier to navigate the data in the Data Browser. When I think about the previous releases, I see them as preliminary work. Preliminary work that was extensive and time consuming, but necessary to lay the foundation for what we at Xeotek see as the future of data streaming. With Release 4.0.0, we complete this groundwork and lay the foundation for new features that will simplify the operation and development of data streaming applications.

Release 4.0.0 is a completely new Kadeck with the strengths you love.

I hope you find this release as exciting as we do. Please share your feedback with us - in the app, via our social channels or via mail.


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