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How to Get Started Using React with Typescript

I got started using React with TypeScript about 2 years ago now and have been working on several projects both at home and at work that utilize both technologies. I'm loving it but I also see a lot of questions around specific patterns around using TypeScript with React. Many of these questions I've tackled in my projects but haven't sat down to write about, though I have talked about many of them.

In 2019 my goal was to write more about these topics and so far I have published three guides that cover the topics you need to get started from scratch and take you through statically typing React.

The benefit to sharing these guides is primarily to help people and to see if there's enough interest to warrant pitching a course or other long-form content on the topic! I've been a TypeScript user for over 5 years and I love how much it's growing in the community!


Disclosure: The guides are free to read without a Pluralsight subscription and I don't get any kickbacks. I've already gotten paid to write them initially which made them a good use of my time! Now I just want people to know they exist.

Other resources I've created:

Other resources I've seen:

I hope this helps others to learn the nuances of using TypeScript with React and I'll be sure to update this post as I put out more guides or find more resources!

Be sure to share other resources if you're also using React and TypeScript, I'd love to see them!

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ilikeflex • Edited


Thanks for such a nice course. [Composing React Components with TypeScript ]

I was trying to run the code but could not run it. Please see attached image.

On URL, Board and Usage Components are not displayed.

Did i miss any step ??


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Sung M. Kim

Thanks Kamran.
I love this kind of ToC (table of contents) with which I don't have to hunt around for articles to read 🙂

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Kamran Ayub

Thank you. I wanted to aggregate everything in a single place for easy bookmarking :) I hope you find it useful!