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Books you want to read this year (2019)?

Been really enjoying the books and reading discussions here, thought I'd start one for 2019 though to get some new titles discussed.

I always have a big list of books I want to read but this year I'm determined to pick out a few to actually read cover to cover (or close at least). My list is heavily weighted towards programming but I'm hoping to add some variety hence the "Fun" section.

Career related knowledge/skills

  1. Site Reliability Engineering by Beyer "Google Book" (possibly aspiring to be an SRE)
  2. How Linux Works
  3. The Linux Command Line
  4. Database Systems, The Complete Book by Ullman
  5. Designing Data Intensive Applications by Kleppmann (started last year, halfway through)

General Interest

  1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Narayanan et al.
  2. A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics


  1. Pet Sematary by Stephen King
  2. Journey Without Maps []

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