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Git Branching - Git Tutorial video series [Part 2] (YouTube)


This is the second video in a series of videos I am creating, that will hopefully give a nice full explanation of everything to do with git and how to use it to your advantage...
This video is part 2 and continues on from where Part 1 left off.

Part 2

In this video I cover everything to do with BRANCHING. What it is, why we need it, how it is useful and then of course how to do everything from creating a branch, to changing it's name to deleting it all inside the Terminal...

Terminal? Throughout this video and the rest of the series I show you how to do all these git things by using the terminal commands (how git was meant to be used) so that either you can continue on and use the terminal yourself (giving you unlimited power) or you can at least understand fully what a GUI button is doing when you click it...


The series can be found here...
Git Series YouTube link

My previous post about the series and episode 1:

Aside from this being a post to advertise the videos, I am also looking for feedback from other folks here that share my love for git about the videos, how they are, if they are explained well enough and about future videos and topics to go into... So please if you have ANY feedback at all please let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on twitter:

My Twitter (@ben_kadel)

Thanks for reading and possibly watching!

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