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(Video) How to start programming - For Beginners

"How do I start coding? Where do I begin?"

In this video i answer the question that I get asked often by people that are interested in becoming or programmer:
"How do I start coding? Where do I begin?!"

My answer personal belief and answer may surprise you...

I tell people to learn how to make websites, more specifically learn HTML, JS & CSS. In the video i give 5 solid reasons why i have this belief and tell people this answer. In the rest of the video I want to give complete beginners some brief knowledge about programming from a computer science point of view and then immediately empower them to actually code by giving them a very brief coding tutorial in HTML, JS & CSS and give them a large list of links to follow that will enable them to carry on their own learning, now that they have been show the path to start walking on...

"Once you have learnt the skill of coding with HTML, JS & CSS you will have a nice basic understanding of programming overall and have some of the fundamentals and coding concepts down and will be able to pick up other languages or other approaches with much more ease." - Thats the idea anyway...

Below is the video, if you are an experienced dev then I would love to hear your feedback on my approach, things I did well & things that I didn't do so well.
Otherwise if you are a newbie, then enjoy, hopefully it helps you find your path and gets you starting to walk!


Links from the video ====================== (Live coding in the browser):

VSCode (Plain Text Editors):

Sublime (Plain Text Editors):

Atom (Plain Text Editors):

w3schools (Excellent online resource to learn HTML, JS & CSS):

HTML Tag/Element resource list (w3schools):

CSS properties list (w3schools):

Learn JS (Nice, easy & step-by-step online tutorial) (w3schools):

CodeAcademy (Online FREE courses for all sorts of programming languages, we are interested in the Javascipt ones):

Arnold C (Crazy Arnold Schwarzenegger oneliners programming language):

Timestamps to certain sections in the video ======================

03:51 - What is Programming?
08:08 - HTML, JS & CSS
10:10 - Lets do some Code!
12:12 - Coding: HTML
18:09 - Coding: CSS
24:57 - Coding: JS


If you have ANY feedback or questions at all please reach out to me in the comments below or reach out to me on twitter:

My Twitter (@ben_kadel)

Thanks for reading and possibly watching!

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