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Getting your hobby project of the ground

I have been a professional developer for nearly two years now but don't see much difference in my coding abilities.

Yes, I have become more fearless in facing a screen scribbled with errors and can work my way through it and have picked up some technologies along the way (React, Node, Java) and learned the way of the terminal :D

But something is still missing I don't have any open source contributions and my Github profile looks pretty boring. Several abandoned projects :( and this obviously affects my first impression on potential employers.

So, I have decided that I am going to finish my first hobby project which is a game built using canvas and typescript(the minimum viable product, as I am planning to add multiplayer action!).

And so far I have managed to set up the project from scratch and created the basic architecture. I am using Typescript, Webpack, and native canvas API to achieve the MVP along with Eslint and Prettier for smooth development experience.

The repo and corresponding GitHub project can be found at

I have set up the project without any boilerplate by scrounging the internet but will be happy to write a consolidated article you need it.

Thanks for reading this far. I will make sure that this hobby project gets delivered.

What are you working on or planning to work on? Let me know in the comments.

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Diana Coman

Going at it alone is always harder than it has to be. Why not have a look at Eulora? It's a game with open source client that you are fully encouraged to change/adapt/make as you wish (bots included!) and plenty of things you can contribute to get started and learn.