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Stripe vs Braintree vs PayPal: Best Payment Gateway for E-commerce

Stripe vs Braintree vs PayPal: Best Payment Gateway for E-commerce -
In this post, we will throw some light on some of the most essential online payment systems to make it easier for you to select among Stripe vs Braintree vs Paypal, the one that best fits your business objectives and the needs of your customers.

Did you know that around 50% of online shoppers would leave the website if your platform doesn’t have their desired payment method? Even though there are over 70 payment schemes out there, all of them have unique features, fees, and functionality.

So, if you are developing an e-commerce platform, a 2-sided platform, or some other software that involves transactions, try using a digital payment system as they ease up a lot of hustles.

The topic of comparison is- Stripe vs Braintree vs PayPal: 3 of the most often used payment gateways. But before diving headfirst into drawing up the comparisons, we would first like to explain the relationship between Braintree and PayPal.

You might already have an idea about the fact that Braintree belongs to PayPal, so the comparison of these two platforms may seem futile. On the other hand, PayPal and Braintree offer different pricing models. Hence, we will regard Braintree as a standalone payment channel wherever possible.

Who Uses These Platforms?
These platforms come in handy in various ways and provides smart payment solutions to:

e-Commerce businesses
Small and mid-size corporations
Online marketplaces
Nonprofit organizations

A Short Description of the 3 Payment Gateways

A strong US-based payment app that allows a seamless online payment experience. It helps individual users, as well as businesses, to make their payments effortlessly via Stripe. This software is ideal for both start-ups and large corporations. Stripe is currently being used by Shopify, Dribble, Amazon, Foursquare, and many other such companies.

Features of Stripe
Dispute Handling
Financial Reporting
Open-Source Plugin
Payment Options
Mobile Customer Interface
Embeddable Checkout
Multicurrency Payouts
Accounting Integrations
Unified Payout
Payout Timing
Consolidated Reports
Custom UI Toolkit

It is a payment gateway platform that works with e-commerce companies in particular. It functions well on the web as well as on the smartphone. Braintree was introduced in 2007 and accepts almost any form of the online transaction card. This app is being used by Airbnb, Github, Uber, and many others.

Press and Media | Braintree Payments
Features of Braintree
Global coverage
24×7 support
2-day payout
Easy repeat billing
Dynamic control panel
Braintree vault
Easy data migration
Guaranteed uptime
Advanced fraud protection
Drop-in UI
Customized checkout workflow

It’s one of the world’s most effective and influential payment gateways. It helps users to send and receive funds online to any foreign country. PayPal provides its consumers with a peer-to-peer payment gateway service. Almost every organization you can imagine is using PayPal these days.

Paypal Logo Brand - Free vector graphic on Pixabay
Features of PayPal
Accept Payments Online
Barcode Scanning
Credit Card Reader
Express Checkout
Inventory Tracking
Mobile Card Reader
Online Invoicing
PCI Compliance
Shopping Cart
Virtual Terminal

Bottom Line

Technology has progressed to the point that it very easily allows you to transfer payments online, transparently, and safely. When you are about to accept payments on these platforms, you will no longer need to go through troublesome paperwork or worry about compliance, as these off-site service providers will do all the tasks for you.

If you are looking to start a company, you should consider the integration of a payment gateway. There are many different features, pricing, and functionality involved with these. We have tried to round up the three most often used platforms to give you some idea of which one can work best for you.

So, now you know mostly everything about Stripe vs Braintree vs PayPal in our payment gateway comparison.

PayPal is a fantastic entry-level platform that you can install without any programming experience and accept payments within minutes.

Stripe is targeted at large corporations, diverse SaaS products and industries. It’s the perfect option if your software benefits from customization and detailed reporting.

Braintree is an interesting choice for almost every form of business. Although PayPal’s plug and play approach is lacking in Braintree, it makes up for an excellent customization and flexibility.

For a better overview check this article -

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