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Sweet & Sour mongoose.js methods

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I’ve been using Mongoose (ODM library for MongoDB) quite a bit for the authentication project. NoSQL databases like MongoDB do seem more flexible for web apps which depend quite a bit on user interaction. Example a user might decide to login with a social media account or register with their email, a password and secret question-answer.

I find it way easier to write a mongoose method that deal with updating app.js, user.js, routes.js every time a user decides to do something a bit different!

Here is a short mongoose.js method which is a pre-save hook. It will check if a username exists in your schema. If the username exsists it will return an error, if not then the method will facilitate the saving of the username to the db: The method is essentially a function unto your user schema.

UserSchema.pre("save", function(next) {
    const self = this;
    }, function(err, docs) {
        if (!docs.length) {
        } else {
            console.log("user exists: ",;
            next(new Error("User exists!"));

ps: I'll keep editing this document & add in more functions

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