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🎮UNITY3D course coming soon!

Note: I am aware of the current injustices in the world. This post does not intend to undermine the lives/issues of other humans currently #blacklivesmatter #1984genocide. Where ever we are on the planet we must live with kindness

{ Hello World! }

I'm super excited to be making a Unity3D course with Newline! Newline formerly known as is an online publisher for wholesome and cohesive content. They are known for their fullstack series (fullstack react, vue etc). The course will be centered around learning game development with Unity3D by building a social simulation game similar to Animal Crossing.

Yes! No FPS (first person shooter), platformer or sword fighting game!  Instead build a social simulation game with game mechanics such as :

talk to other characters in the game
build the game world
grow  flowers or candy   (I'm undecided, maybe I just need more sugar in my system)
character customization
character animation
game day-night cycle
 game inventory
More! (seriously, like AI navigation)



Play + Learn
 Learning while playing something: Example learning English words while playing  hangman.  This is called Play learning, put together the word is Plearn. In this case you're not building the hangman game, but rather increasing English skills while playing it.
  Plearn Prime: Learning something new while building something and repeatedly  play testing. Something like MineCraft or Roblox where you build 3D worlds,  but more contextual keeping in mind it's for a more grown up audience. In this case you learn how to build the game world and game mechanics by building it out and then play in it.  The same as in when you're learning to build apps by coding apps. The difference being that a game engine is much more different than a code editor. Also you're creating your own mechanics.

Note: I didn't actually come up with the term 'Plearn'. The closest Google search for this term shows that it is 'Personalized Learning'. However, I've just changed the definition

Instruction with intent

Instruction with intent is important. It's one thing to give all the information in a cohesive manner following a curriculum. And another thing to build a curriculum with intent and have a clear-cut/defined goal of exactly what a learner will be able to build after the course.  Spending time on curriculum building is important. Else the course ends up being a wiki on the topic.

The intent of this course is to:

Fully bootstrap a learner into making games with Unity3D. The course is focused on  game play mechanics more than design.  The design assets are given to the learner so that they can start building with Unity3D. Design tools are different from game mechanic tools in the Unity3D editor. Example Cinema 4D,  3DMax are all design tools.
Have a completed project for their portfolio. Important if you're looking to get into the industry or maybe land a freelance gig.
Move on to learning virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with Unity3D. Super exciting time for spatial computing coming up!

ps: the picture of the space kitty is a sticker I have by coco

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Shlomi Loubaton

Is it going to be released for use anytime soon?

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Dec 2020/Jan 2021 release date

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Toro • Edited

is it released?

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hi, the beta release is coming soon