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Kaustubh Trivedi
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What are some beginner level ReactJS questions to ask for interview?

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Zain Ahmed

For interview prepration:

  1. Real/Virtual Dom
  2. React hooks (useState, useEffect, useContext. etc)
  3. State & props
  4. destruct Props
  5. Component breakdown (parent -> children)
  6. How to stop re-rendering when props are not changed which are passing to child component
  7. React redux basic concept
  8. Concept of basic react global state these are some listed item which mostly i ask to any beginner level React JS Developer
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Bhavyashah • Edited

Here are some Question that asked in some Interview level question that help you to learn react also:

Top react Interview Questions

1) What are the features of React?
2) What is JSX?
3) Can web browsers read JSX directly?
4) What is the virtual DOM in React JS?
5) Why use React instead of other frameworks, like Angular or Vue JS?
6) How do you create a React app?
7) What is an event in React?
8) Why is there a need for using keys in Lists?
9) What are forms in React?
10) What is an arrow function and how is it used in React?
11) How is React different from React Native?
12) What are the components in React?
13) What is the use of render() in React?
14) What is a state in React?
15) What are props in React?
16) How do you pass props between components?
17) What are the differences between state and props?
18) What is Redux?
19) What are the components of Redux?
20) What is the Flux?
21) What is hooks? Why we use Hooks?
22) How is Redux different from Flux?
23) What is React Router & Why do we need react router?
24) Differentiate between States and Props.

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Andrew Baisden

I can give you 3.

  1. What is prop drilling?
  2. What are the benefits to having reusable components?
  3. Whats the difference between functional and class components?
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Let's Code

Here are some ReactJS questions I posted on this platform.

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official_dulin • Edited

Most voted React.JS questions on stackoverflow.

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Ben Halpern

For an interview context?

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Kaustubh Trivedi

I am supposed to take ReactJS interns interviews. I was making a questionnaire for the same and thought of asking the community as of what they would ask if they were in my place