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Resources for a New Programmer

Are you looking to dip into programming but you aren't sure where to start? While that opening line reads like the beginning to a bad infomercial the only thing I am trying to sell you on is checking out the resources below! I began my coding journey squeezing tutorials into my free time then attending a full-time software engineering intensive program for 15 weeks. Throughout my journey the below resources helped me navigate unfamiliar tech territory and I hope it will do the same for you.

If you are completely new to programming I would suggest reading Ali Spittel's Beginner's Guide as a primer.


Note: Be wary of tutorial purgatory. Taking your new skills to tackle a personal project (Build an api! Make a clone of a website!) is one of my favorite ways to learn. Failure/trial and error can be a great teacher!

Write Code


Code Snippets

Hosting Platforms for Personal Projects

Women in Tech Networks


The below podcasts have helped me immensely with building confidence as a new programmer, learning about a variety of backgrounds/paths in tech and more!


I hope this list of resources is helpful for any CodeNewbies out there. Have you come across any other resources that you would suggest for fellow new programmers?

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I also like:

A hands-on approach always seems to work for me. Cheers!

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Molly Nemerever

So many great resources! My personal favorites are codecademy and most recently YouTube.