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Job Search Week 20

I spent this week applying to different companies and typing cover letters. I managed to get all the applications done so I was happy enough with this week.

Day 1

On Monday I was still I was typing up the readme for my todo API project. I also took some time to look through some of the job posting on indeed, totaljobs and otta and pick out some of the ones that appealed to me the most.

Day 2

On Tuesday I finished up the todo API readme and debugged a problem with the tests. I had to reorder the integration tests because they wouldn't work if your database was empty. This also meant that it wouldn't delete any actual data and it does delete the test data.

Day 3

Wednesday is when I started typing the cover letters. I had already look at the companies I had chosen so it was just comparing my skills to the ones they were looking for and then I outline all my compatible skills. I also updated my portfolio on GitHub.

Day 4

On Thursday I continued to prep cover letters. I managed to get most of them done and ready send-off on Friday. More people have been getting jobs recently so it's reassuring to know that while typing cover letters.

Day 5

I spent Friday going over the cover letters and sending they off after I proofread them. Hopefully, I'll get more positive replies in the upcoming weeks.


I managed to get 20 applications out this month with more people getting jobs I'm feeling more confident getting a job sometime soon.

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