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Job Search Week 24

This week I continued to work through my portfolio making it take shape adding thinks like a navbar and more sections.

Day 1

At the start of the week, I added the hobbies component and the hobbies card component. I wanted to add things like hobbies and experience to make it look more like an interactive CV than just a website. I also added a snapshot test for the app component.

Day 2

Tuesday I started working on the Navbar component making sure it was tested properly and that everything was rendering correctly. I also added the snapshot test for the Navbar and added the other components to the main container and tested that it was rendering them correctly.

Day 3

I started integrating more components into the main container component on Wednesday. I added tests and made sure they were rendering correctly too.

Day 4

Thursday I refactored some of the main containers tests to be more relevant. I was also working on the profile component adding a bootstrap container div and adding more text to it to make a better opening paragraph.

Day 5

On Friday I was having some issues with the linking sections locally because of the Navbar. Which I manage to solve I also spent some time styling the Navbar and profile component.


This week went rather well since I started off spiking something I went back and made sure everything was well tested which it is now. Ultimately a good week since I've got those tests done.

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