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Job Search week 22

This week finished off the backend and started on the front end with React. I also started using React bootstrap.

Day 1

I started this week by making the delete project function, making sure it was returning json. After completing that I moved onto handling errors. I also did some refactoring removing some unnecessary tests.

Day 2

Tuesday I got started on the integration test of the delete function and handling the 404 errors. That finishes the back end, for now, I'll likely be back later on to add more API's.

Day 3

I added React on Wednesday getting it started and set up so I could start working on the front end. I also updated the server readme to include the tests for the backend.

Day 4

So after getting react set up I started on my first test and then moved on to adding bootstrap after getting it set up I was able to a Navbar through bootstrap.

Day 5

So I added the bootstrap Navbar and altered it to suit what I need which was easy enough. I then moved onto the projects display getting that setup using bootstrap cards.


I managed to get the backend done which I'm happy about and to move onto the front-end. Starting on react is good I get to start to see my portfolio. So overall I think this was a good week.

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