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Keeping it simple and sane

I started working with this month after a friend mentioned enjoying it. I have to say, I am also really enjoying the way that sanity provides an incredibly easy mechanism for creating structured content and a way to get that content into your website. I started using sanity for the BikeTag project and I can quickly see the power in this platform for the needs of that project.

For BikeTag, all we have are images and data associated with those images. Up until using (which we haven't officially launched on our site yet), our data and images have all been stored in Imgur. Imgur provides free, unlimited, image stores with a title and description field. From the onset, I believed that the needs of the BikeTag project wouldn't need anything more than that. We used the description and a pattern to store fields like: tagnumber, username, found location, and hint. Each image came from the imgur API with those fields and so we had no complex data needs beyond what little information was stored with each image.

As our data needs have grown over the last three years of the project, I began searching for a data solution that would be quick and easy to implement but also provide the most value over time. This open-source project's biggest limitation are the costs, in that there is absolutely no money to pay for things like a datastore or for G suite.


  • 2 free datastores per project
  • unlimited projects(?)
  • bundles with an imagestore, natively
  • 5GB of image storage per project
  • generous quotas for developer/small projects
  • available plans for open source projects

Sanity is great and their slack community is invaluable. The project maintainers and community are very responsive to help experts and newbies alike. Asking for help and getting pointed in the right direction happens so fast on their slack channel #help it beats out anything I've experienced on a support level. And it's all virtually free, until you have a high value need.

I created this post to share my initial thoughts on Sanity.IO as a platform and to present my first community contribution to the sanity ecosystem:

Thanks for reading, check out:

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Knut Melvær

Thanks for sharing this Ken! The team really appreciates it 🙌