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I Built An Open-Source Resource for Data Scientists In an Evening

I built the first version of Use Pandas in one evening. It's a collection of easy to use Python pandas recipes for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning engineers.

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Leveraging existing tools, I was able to quickly spin up and deploy a new site. I shared it with my LinkedIn and quickly got some decent traffic. The site went live October 22nd.

Quick highlights of the first 14 days

So let's get on to how I actually made the site!

Resources I used to make the service

How I built it

1. Choose a Gatsby theme.

My site is for code recipes so I had to find a gatsby theme that would take care of the bulk of this.

I was looking for a theme that had code blocks, syntax highlighting, dynamic page routes, and was mobile responsive.

I ended up finding this theme which met all my criteria.

2. Choose a name.

I was heavily inspired by Gabe Raglands site for react hooks called usehooks, so I chose a similar name. I purchased the domain from NameCheap.

3. Make it your own

I used the Namecheap Logo Maker to easily create a logo. I'm not a graphic designer but I understand the importance of something looking nice. The NameCheap logo creator is pretty awesome and it's FREE!

4. Deploy it

The gatsby + netlify integration is so easy to use. On merge's to the master branch of my repo, the site is updated. I never used it before this project and it was pretty easy to learn.

5. Share it with the world!

When I launched Use Pandas, I only had a few basic recipes on the site. I still got overwhelming positive feedback which gave me the motivation to add more.

I'm adding more recipes all the time!

If you'd like to here more from me, I build in public @KennethCassel

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