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Create a private RSS feed without paying a penny.

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  1. Dropbox Basic
  2. Github Pages


  1. Upload your mp3/mp4 contents to Dropbox. Get a raw link by following this step.
  2. Locally, follow this article to create an RSS file.
  3. Commit your RSS file to your Github repo. Publish it as a Github page.
  4. Make sure your RSS file path is valid with Some of the test results say warnings. As long as this is a private feed, you can ignore them.
  5. Share the RSS file path to your community! Popular podcast apps (including Apple Podcast) have a way to import RSS URLs directly. Enjoy.

To be minimum, below worked. (The URL is no longer valid, as I was too embarrassed to keep it public).

<rss xmlns:itunes="" xmlns:atom="" xmlns:rawvoice="" version="2.0">
        <title>Podcast Title Here</title>
            <title>Podcast Title Here</title>
            The full length description for your podcast
        <copyright>Yuta copyright 2016</copyright>
          <title>Episode Name 2</title>
          <pubDate>Sat, 02 Jan 2020 16:00:00 PDT</pubDate>
          <description>The full length episode 2 description</description>
          <enclosure url="" length="36715125" type="audio/mpeg"/>
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George X.

That is great!

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Yuta Miyama

Thx! This is my first post, so appreciate the encouraging comment 👍