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What to expect from HTML/CSS Bootcamps !?

Generally Web Development bootcamps teaches:

  • HTML fundamentals: syntax, elements, images, links, lists, forms, buttons.
  • CSS: selectors, classes, ids, attributes, fonts, colors, sizing, positioning.
  • Accessible and responsive web design: websites for all and on all devices.
  • CSS layout tools: positioning elements with CSS Flexbox and CSS grid.

And the JavaScript bootcamp covers:

  • Programming fundamentals: syntax, variables, operations, loops, functions.
  • Data structures: arrays, multidimensional arrays, array methods, objects.
  • Algorithms: searching, sorting, reversing, merging, splicing, hashing.
  • Object-oriented programming: methods, constructors, prototypes, inheritance.
  • Functional programming: terminology, constraints, mapping, filtering.

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Nicholas Stimpson

Please tell me the JS bootcamps teach closures and promises.

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