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Resource recommendations

I am currently teaching myself web development through online courses and other means. I work four 12 hour shifts each week, during those times I am not around a computer so coding isn’t possible. Does anyone have any recommendations for books, blogs, or any other source that I could read on web dev while I am at work?

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I would recommend reading books on soft skills while at work and focus on coding when you can practice. I've never been able to just read about coding and retain anything without actually doing some coding.

But if you can immerse yourself in books about career development, networking, personal branding, communication, and things like that, you will know more than most developers about the soft skills, which are massively important and often overlooked. Here are a few I'd recommend to get you started:

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Chris Kessinger

Thank you! That makes perfect sense and it’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. I can see how most developers overlook the soft skills. That’s not really something you think about when your goal is learning to code, but obviously very important. Thanks for the list as well, I will be giving them all a read!

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