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AngularJS vs. React vs. Vue: Who will emerge as champion in 2020?

The growth in technology has led to an increase in the popularity of different front-end web development frameworks.Over the last few years, there has been a constant battle between AngularJS and React for dynamic web application development But with the expansion of technology and the emergence of Vue, it has become a comprehensive three-way fight.

Thus, it becomes necessary for the developers and the companies to know which framework will work the best for them.

We will provide a comprehensive guide which will help the developers to decide on which JavaScript framework they need to use.

What is AngularJS Framework?

Google developed Angular JavaScript framework in the year 2010, and thus it is the oldest of the three frameworks in contention. The framework is purely based on three pillars viz. RxJS, Zone.js, and TypeScript.

A top-notch AngularJS service provider provides the best web development services as AngularJS has a perfect MVC architecture. Popular companies like Wix and, of course, Google are using the AngularJS framework in greater amounts.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS was launched in 2013 and had a simple aim to divide the User Interface (UI) into a cluster of components that will help in simplifying the development of visual interfaces. The framework has an extraordinary feature of virtual DOM, which is used to develop single-page applications.

ReactJS achieved a strong reputation in the business realm by 2014. It has a comprehensive library that allows the ReactJS developers to build an exceptional web application for your business. Market leaders such as Facebook and Instagram used React to a great extent.

What is Vue Framework?

Vue framework was developed by an ex-Google employee in 2014, and since then, it has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the technology world. The current version that is Vue 2.6 was released in December 2019, and there have been some small incremental releases since then.

Vue offers developers flexibility in website development without any complications. Popular companies like Alibaba and GitLab use Vue for their web development process.

To grab the top spot, it’s a three-way fight

Let us compare the three on different parameters and understand who overpowers whom…

Based on Preference

According to research done by Stackoverflow, web development with React is the most preferred option by web developers (74.5%), followed by Vue.JS (73.6%) and AngularJS (57.6%).

Despite being the oldest, developing a solution using AngularJS is the least preferred option by the web developers.

Vue brought a paradigm shift in the race to become the best web development framework in mid-2016 and since then has left AngularJS behind and is at a neck-to-neck competition with React.

If we compare according to the trends in the job market, the skill set required to work with Angular and React is more or less the same, whereas it differs marginally (20%) with Vue. Thus, from the job market's point of view, Custom web development with React and Angular edges past the Vue framework.

Summary: React is the most preferred framework by the developers followed by Vue and AngularJS.

Based on Deployment Speed

AngularJS provides a wide range of features to the web app developers. Thus, the developers can build a fully optimized app that can be deployed to any static host using a single command. AngularJS is a very broad web development framework which handles everything right from project creation to code optimization.

While React doesn’t have the same set of wide-ranged tools like AngularJS or Vue; it makes up for this flaw with high flexibility. The developers have the luxury of mixing and matching with any library to develop a web app with React dynamically. The framework has a growing ecosystem and now has CLI tools such as Next.JS and React App.

Vue has a pre-coding structure which allows a quick deployment of the app without lowering the performance of the web application. The pre-coding structure feature is not available in AngularJS or ReactJS. Vue, with simple commands, makes website development or mobile app development effortless. In addition to that, Vue is an ideal framework for startups who are intending to provide progressive web app(PWA) development services.

Summary: AngularJS has a wide range of library, ReactJS is very flexible, and Vue is highly suited for start-ups.

Based on Performance

AngularJS framework uses real DOM, which is best suited to develop single-page applications where the content is updated in a scattered manner or occasionally. In addition to that, to provide web development services, AngularJS uses a two-way data binding process. This data binding process replicates all the changes that are made in the model into the views which are efficient, secured, and intuitive.

React is a front-end library that uses virtual DOM that plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the app irrespective of the size. Virtual DOM is used where the app needs updates regularly. Mobile app development and dynamic website development with React is possible as the framework has a uni-directional data flow. It helps in providing better control over the entire project.

Vue has incredible features that help the developers to overcome the hurdles they face while working with React and AngularJS. Like React, Vue utilizes virtual DOM to enhance the performance of the app and memory allocation.

Summary: Vue has an array of good features a little more than that are present in AngularJS or React and thus provides the best performance.

Based on Community Support

Web support and maintenance becomes a bit easy with AngularJS and ReactJS as they have strong community support, and market-leading companies such as Facebook and Google use them.

Since its inception in 2010, AngularJS has been aptly supported by Google, and the framework is updated regularly every six months. Since it is the oldest, AngularJS development solution has the support of the developers in a large number, and the majority of the problems can be solved easily. Renowned companies such as Adobe, Apple, Telegram, etc. opt for AngularJS development solution, thus adding more credibility to the network.

Dynamic web development with ReactJS is possible, and it has dynamic libraries with rich framework functionalities. The reason behind the constant growth of ReactJs is that Facebook has heavily invested in the JavaScript framework. Apart from this, it has also coded a vast number of products using ReactJs. Apart from Facebook, leading organizations such as the New York Times, Yahoo, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. have used ReactJS to develop highly dynamic and interactive web application user interfaces.

Despite being a new member and not having active community support like React or AngularJS, companies like Grammarly, EuroNews, Xiaomi have opted for Vue, thus making it a reliable JavaScript framework.

Summary: AngularJS has the largest community support, as it is the oldest framework.

Who emerges the winner?

AngularJS, React, and Vue are the real spearheads of the JavaScript frameworks despite competing with a myriad of other frameworks. In a rapidly advancing business ecosystem, this comprehensive comparison will guide you to a better selection of frameworks. It will help you in understanding the background and functionality of the frameworks in a better manner so that you can pick the right one and excel in your website development project.

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