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Kevin Pollet
Kevin Pollet

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Introducing seel — Build Docker images for your Node.js applications without effort

I'm impatient and thrilled to introduce seel, a command-line tool to containerize your Node.js application without effort. Not all developers are Docker/container experts and containerizing a Node.js application is not a simple task. For example, you will have to:

  • Write a Dockerfile
  • Follow the security best practices
  • Build the smallest image possible
  • Optimize the Docker build cache
  • Define a tagging strategy (e.g. semantic versioning, git commit hash)
  • Write and maintain build and publish scripts

Focus on your application, seel takes care of the containerization

To simplify this seel uses opinionated, but configurable, defaults based on the properties defined in the application package.json (e.g. name, version, bin/main scripts, description, ...).

The following screencast shows the containerization of an application created from scratch with npm (more examples are available here).

Some features

  • Tree shaking, only the entry module dependencies are packaged
  • Automatic image tagging with semantic versioning
  • Automatic image labelling (description, maintainer, version)
  • Secure private package registry configuration
  • Optimized Docker build cache

What's next?

seel is actively developed and at its early stages. If you want to test it, file issues, request a feature or contribute some code, go to the GitHub repository and don't miss to give some 💚 and support with a ⭐.

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Build container images for your Node.js applications

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