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Khalil Saboor

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How should I go about creating a portfolio site?

Hey Guys, I wanted to know if I could get some pointers on going about creating my first Portfolio site. I'm open to videos, posts, and example portfolio sites.

A little about me: I'm mostly a Back-End Developer (Java) (little Python/Go) with a repo of Console applications, Two SpringBoot App and a few Front-End projects. I have a Basic background of Front-End tools like HTML, CSS, and JS from the old Free Code Camp site.

One of the main things I wanted to know is if I should use a framework like React or Vue.JS or write it basic HTML, CSS, and JS as a single page? Also, I found a tutorial where a guy walks through creating a modern Portfolio site (Traversy Media no Framework ). But I feel like it would be checking to just follow along and create it.

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Devon Campbell

I would caution you against spending a bunch of time building a custom portfolio. It's not always a great use of your time.

I wrote more about why:

That said, I've built portfolio sites in the past. Just don't get carried away. I'd personally lean toward setting up a WordPress site with a nice custom theme. Spend your time on building the portfolio pieces rather than the portfolio itself.

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Lynne Finnigan

I personally would say Vue would be good for a portfolio site, using vue-router for a few different pages. I plan to do this myself! It's fun to work with, relatively easy to pick up, and has good documentation/resources.

I don't know if you use sass for styling but I have a post on my scss setup within Vue if that helps! (