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Allow Myself to Introduce... Myself

keith hayden
Frontend Dev : CSS Geek : Creating things in Javascript/Typescript/React and HTML : NY transplant from NJ : dad jokes aficionado : former grocery store bagging champion
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My name is Keith, and I've been working on the web for over 20 years. I'm currently a Senior Frontend Engineer but I've held a few different titles and worked in a lot of different tech stacks over that time.


I figured if I was going to be blogging, might as well introduce myself. I don't expect anyone to actually read this, but I can point to it if I ever need to give a bit of my background.


I learned about the web in college in the 90s and got my first job working for a small tech company in NJ. After getting laid off during the dotcom bubble, I landed at another tech company in NJ working on client-facing apps in a LAMP stack environment. Architecting MySQL databases, writing perl and bash scripts for cron jobs, apache configs, and oh yeah, getting the PHP backend to play nice with the frontend.

In 2005 I landed in Westchester County, NY working for Ask/IAC. Majority of my time was spent working on javascript apps that integrated with IE toolbars (yes, those, sorry). Also some Flash/Actionscript/Flex apps like a virtual world. Was exposed to java with JSTL and JSP.

In 2011 I headed south to New York City, first working for a lifestyle/marketing company on partnership microsites that we churned out on a somewhat weekly basis. My first responsive work, as well as Sass and a lot of CSS experimentation on a LAMP stack backend.

That only lasted a year because there was some not so great chaotic and shady things going on there. I then landed at iHeartRadio on the digital team, but not working on the streaming web site, but on a platform that hosted about 800+ radio station web sites. This platform got re-architected about 3 times. From old PHP to a custom MVC PHP framework. We merged the separate mobile and desktop sites into one responsive site, then came the python backend. Our frontend was a hodgepodge of jQuery, Bootstrap, and vanilla JS with bootstrap grid and whole mess of plugins. We re-architected that into a React frontend with typescript and then eventually ditched the python for full-stack nodejs.

So for the last 4 years or so, I've been in the React/Typescript ecosystem. I established myself as the go-to resource for much of the UI work. I worked closely with Product Managers and UX designers to implement their visions.

Now, after 9 years there, I'm moving on to a new adventure. There will be more on that at a later date.

anything else?

I'm a big hockey fan (NJ Devils) and huge geek. I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Atari, Star Wars, and sci-fi/fantasy of the 80s.

I'm known to spout puns and pop culture references and you might find me bopping to some 80s one-hit wonder or 90s grunge, among others.

I like craft beers and experimenting with my Weber Kettle grill/smoker.

I guess that's good enough for now. Say hello in the comments or on twitter.

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