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Hi I am a new to programming and I am an undergraduate and I need to know what to learn first and I am quite in a situation of can't figuring out what and where to start can you please help me become a good programmer.

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I don't know exactly what things interest you, but if you are looking for a place to start I suggest FreeCodeCamp. It starts from the very basics to very advanced themes in which you'll learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6, multiple frameworks (JQuery, Bootstrap, React, Redux...), APIs, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and a few more things. It is very good because it has a growing community, it's free and at the end you have exercises to practice what you learn, soy you'll finish with a nice looking portfolio ;)


I think @stel 's response is good, but can be a bit intimidating. Some solid posts I would recommend looking over are

  • @waqardm's post outlining beginner resources here

  • @aspittel's post (also highly recommend basically everything in their post history) here


Yes, you are right! I should have specified it is a generic document that only help to have a global idea of what kind of path to choose :)

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