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How to win javascript in 2019

Learn Basic JS Frist

First complete this course to warmup your js skills and to getting better understanding of es6’s new features.

ES6 Course by wesbos [ Paid, $180 ]
Along with this, parallelly follow this project based course to grow your confident level.

Javascript 30 - Course by wesbos [ Free ]
Also available at youtube

Now you have all necessary knowledge about new js, now you can start ReactJS

React For Beginners - Course by wesbos [ Paid, $139 ]

After finishing this application you should start learning redux, which is a state-management package by react. I don’t know wheather you now about frontend framework’s state management system concept. If I told you in one line, “ State-management system is an ecosystem for frontend framework to share state/data from component to component globally. It’s extremely necessary for making large scale one page application.”

For learning Redux, follow this course:

After then you can go to nodejs,

To learn nodejs very deeply. follow this udemy course

This course has included various important modules such as moongoos, realtime socket , express framework etc…etc…

Now you can start Express Framework ( A MVC Framework like laravel )

Follow this ->

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Nice list. Well, I know about node and react frameworks, but the rest are new to me. Actually, I was thinking about learning React Native or NativeScript. So, I was searching for the information and found some usable thoughts . What do you think? Are they worth learning? How much time does it approximately takes to learn one framework completely?