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Kiran Raj R
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25 Awesome Fonts From Google Fonts

Here I list 25 awesome fonts from google fonts, these are my favourite fonts that I used in various projects. Take a look at it and comment your favourite fonts. If you have any other suggestions please comment it, so that in future projects I can use those fonts.

  1. Alegreya
  2. Vollkorn
  3. Poppins
  4. Titillium Web
  5. Roboto
  6. Ubuntu
  7. Varela
  8. Crimson Text
  9. BioRhyme
  10. Karla
  11. Lato
  12. Playfair Display
  13. Montserrat
  14. Rubik
  15. Cardo
  16. Nunito
  17. Oxygen
  18. Merriweather
  19. Exo 2
  20. Amaranth
  21. Josefin Slab
  22. Arvo
  23. Lora
  24. Quicksand
  25. Cairo

Top comments (7)

zabc profile image
vnti vnso

Delius unicase custom font u5cdot for indian unicase vriting system having dot as N.
pliiz try unicase fonts , hpop keypad , hksuletr , ztr transliterator , zinglish learn urls :

lvtdeveloper profile image
Lesly Villalobos

Lato is the one I definitely use the most for work because it is the most requested by the client, however, Quicksand is my favorite from your list :3

kiranrajvjd profile image
Kiran Raj R

Quicksand is good one, I will go for Ubuntu and Montserrat :)
Any other suggestions ??

lvtdeveloper profile image
Lesly Villalobos

I also like Cormorant and Mulish :)

stemvork profile image

Thank you Kiran. Inspired by your work, I have made the following showcase page:

rosef3821 profile image
Rose F. Long

I am using google fonts on my website they are giving awesome response with the load time of the page. I want to integrate sigma font which available on, cloud you please me to integrate it on the custom page of my website?

tazim404 profile image
Tazim Rahbar • Edited

Which font style does forem logo use?