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How does Vue.js, Angular, or Ember do data store?

How does Vue.js, Angular, or Ember do data store? I found React's Redux a bit complicated / messy and have a lot of boilerplates, usually with a lot of selectors after selectors and createSelector(), and tons of reducers.

I know I don't have to use Redux with React, but most projects I have seen (and have to use at work) use Redux.

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NullVoxPopuli • Edited on

Ember has the library ember-data, which handles all relational data for you. It currently only works with REST-based apis ({json:api} being the best spec in REST for this), but it manages cache / requests / etc for you. No need to configure anything.

usage is this:

export default class MyComponent extends Component {
  @service store;

  async fetchUsers() {
    return await'user');
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and then later down the road when you want to read from the cache, you can'user') for synchronous access to the cache

More information here:

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Dennis Frijlink

I have a lot of experience working with Vue.js. For state management in Vue js you can use Vuex (