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Supercharge your front-end skills by building real projects

Gain real experience of building websites and providing code reviews. Build your portfolio and help others achieve their goals.
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Frontend Mentor offers a range of challenges that aim to mimic a real-world workflow for a front-end developer. Each free challenge includes:

✅ Mobile & desktop designs in JPG format
✅ A front-end style guide for colors, fonts, etc
✅ A basic project brief, which mentions any expected functionality
✅ Pre-optimised assets
✅ A skeleton HTML file with pre-written content, but no structure

If you want to practice using the original Sketch design file, there is an option to buy that as well, although it's not a requirement to start the free challenges.

As well as the free challenges we also have premium challenges. Premium challenges offer you the chance to build some seriously impressive portfolio pieces and include:

✅ Multi-page and fully-functional project ideas
✅ Mobile, tablet & desktop designs in both JPG and Sketch format
✅ A professional design system providing common styles
✅ Custom APIs to work with so that you can practice with JS libraries/frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, etc

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