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How do you manage your web application configurations?

In order to better understand current practices, I'm doing a survey about configuration management and deployment of web applications.

If you are, like me, willing to learn how the community thrive or struggle with their configurations or just curious about deployment, I propose you to:

At the end, I'll write a blog post about the conclusions and what I've learn about that, trying to be neutral.

So, environment variables or YAML?
How do you share configurations between coworkers?

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Henry Williams

Wow. Glad to know I'm not the only one using environment variables and not using a secret manager.
I think from an operational perspective, it makes secret management easier because it makes it easier for anyone with permissions to make a change via the UI than trying.
It would also make sharing secrets for local development a thing of the past since all of those secrets could just be stored in a shared development secret manager instance.