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🏠 10 simple tips to help you work remotely, but more efficiently


Hey, everyone! 👋 Today, I've got a rather interesting article "Psychology of Removal: How not to go off the rails" from which I've highlighted 10 simple tips for those who work remotely, like me, these days.

☝️ Please note: this is a small part of original article was written at (Russian or similar place) by RegionSoft Developer Studio.

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Tip #1

Communicate, read, learn. Your task is to constantly update information around you and learn something new, both in and out of your professional life.

This will give you a constant emotional release, diversity will protect you from burnout.

Tip #2

Remember that your health, appearance and personal life should not fall on the altar of your home work place.

Keep yourself toned and remember: life is different, it may happen that you will be offered a new job in the office or you may want/be able to return to the office.

Be prepared for this, both externally and professionally.

Tip #3

Do not form new bad habits (drinking, working nights, waking up one minute before the start of the day, eating at the table, eating fast food, snacks, etc.).

They will quickly take over you and it will be difficult to get rid of them. It's not always easier to start than to get used to, our brain is too clever.

Tip #4

Avoid working conflicts: it is difficult for a remote employee to control a confrontation or dispute, it is almost impossible to win.

Use soft diplomacy:

  • Negotiate
  • Change your opponent
  • Address a superior colleague

An open conflict can drown you out. Really.

Tip #5

Constantly pump up your professional skills and be on the crest of new knowledge. Listen to courses, read articles and periodicals, buy books.

This is your solid investment in yourself, in the office that is remote.

Tip #6

Do not deny society as part of your life, work on communications. If it's difficult, start small:

  1. Determine what you have always liked about people
  2. Begin to pump the communication skill on 1-2 close colleagues

Don't let yourself get off the radar and become some kind of computer program that silently and clearly does its job.

Tip #7

Work is a priority during working hours. Stay focused.

That's it!

Tip #8

Start your own side-project, which is firmly connected with a working theme, sphere or technology.

This will not only allow you to effectively and efficiently switch within your professional activities, but also provide new ideas and insight to develop both projects.

If you are able and resourceful, this practice closes many of these problems immediately.

Tip #9

Share your work and all the rest of your time and live a full life. I have bad news for you: your victims and your heroism will not be appreciated.

Tip #10

If there is a need to go out to the office, do not be afraid and do not panic: just one day out to the office.

Because, if you were able to debug discipline alone with yourself, in the office you will be invincible.

In conclusion...

Remote work is a controversial, but cool format of work that everyone can face, regardless of the warehouse character and desire.

Whether it's "good" or "bad", it's up to you, there's no definite answer! 😉

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Jason Phillips

Tip #2 is critical. Get out of your pjs. Get up for fresh air.

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Thanks for translating this to english! Useful tips

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Vic Shóstak

As always, thanks for watching :D