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💬 What is your programming credo and how it helps you at every day code?

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Hi, friends! 👋 How are you feeling?

Hope, everything is okay and you're now at good soul's state! Because today I would like to hear your stories in comments, more than to tell some of my stories...

So, pour yourself a delicious tea or make a coffee and let's go on... Conversation club opens its doors for you!

Hmm... a credo? 🤔

Follow Wikipedia, credo (pronounced [ˈkɾeːdoː], Latin for "I believe") is personal belief, the basis of the worldview of man.

It was not by chance, that I used credo word, as it would be interesting to learn not about "momentary think", but about really deep principles that define you as programmers at every day.

Let me get started!

My programmer credo is...

✅ If you may not use X, do not use X.

Where X may be hyped JavaScript framework, a controversial experimental tool, trendy (yet another) mobile app, etc.

For example, if I need to create static website for evergreen browsers (only), I never use any CSS frameworks and SASS (SCSS), because I will use default (built-in) CSS Grid Layout and CSS Custom properties.

Therefore, I will not need all power of bundlers (like Webpack, Rollup.js or else), but I will not lose development speed! Just because I won't have to write (OK, copy from past projects) a config and lost time to re-compile bundle each time I save file!

It might seem weird to someone, but that's exactly what completely describes my programming credo! 🤷‍♂️

☝️ What's your credo?

Please, tell your story in comments below... and let's talk about it! No words limit, but would be nice to follow this rules (I just saying 👌):

✅ Describe your programmer credo.
🎯 Tell some real life example, where it helps you at coding.

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