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Saheed Oladosu
Saheed Oladosu

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DevOps Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Jeff Sussna said DevOps core insight is that reducing the distance between:
• people,
• teams, and
• activities
Combined with reducing the batch size of your work allows you to deliver more value more continuously with greater quality. It's a good definition of DevOps.

It's a different combination mainly of cultural norms, of practices, often complimented by technology.

Every year, Puppet Lab sponsors a state of DevOps survey, and over time this has taken input from thousands of professionals, 4, 600 in the last year alone. And what they learn is things like high-performing organizations do 200 times more frequent deployment.

The lead time for change from the time you commit code until it gets to production is under an hour for high performers. It's between a week and a month for the media performers and between one and six months for low performers. That may be you, depending on what your culture is, and that's so frustrating when you want to be able to deliver value.

What's also great is there's a 24 times faster recovery from failure. This is extremely important because we know the cost of downtime is high.

What's also fascinating is DevOps organization spend 22% less time on unplanned work. This is break/fix work. This is emergency software deployments, patches, things like that. This can sometimes happen if work isn't done correctly the first time.

So, high-performing orgas spend about half their time on new work, 20% on unplanned work. In contrast, the low performers spend about 38% of their time on new work and about 27% of their time on unplanned work. And then you have 50% less time remediating security issues. This one is also exciting because sometimes security is bolted onto so many project teams at the end.

Instead, when you have this product culture, DevOps-oriented and customer experience-oriented team. Security is part of everyone's work, not something that's just latched on the end.

You can achieve this through better partnership with security. Security capabilities in your automated testing, and even having better security libraries used by the team. It's something that's much more needed to achieve good result.

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