How do you feel, and whats your reaction when people are referred to as "Resources"?

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I'm kind of torn on this, because in many ways I think its great that employees are thought of as valuable resources to a company (especially if they are treated accordingly), but at the same time think its a bit dehumanising to refer to people as "resources", at the very least saying employees sounds better.

For me, that depends on context. I know a CEO who likes to think of everyone as a machine that produces pure input/output and has absolutely no desire to humanize anybody. Everything is just about the bottom line for the company and employees are all machines working to make that bottom line better. That's not cool.

*Edit: employers -> employees

If people really mean resources, I’d be pretty bothered. If they’re just using industry jargon like “HR”, it’s not such a big deal. HR is a weirdly named thing but it just became the word and was never really reinvented.

In my head I always translate HR to human relations rather then resources.

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