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I developed a highly customizable dashboard tool with Electron

Hi, I am a Japanese beginner software engineer.
The name of tool I developed is "okadash".

Actual window in use.
This is actual window in use.

Why okadash?

My name is "okada" and this dashboard tool was created by me.

Okada is written as 岡田 in Chinese characters.
The icon for this tool is 岡+', which means oka-dash.
In Japan, it's called an old man's gag(Oyaji gag).

How to use?

More details are explained on the above page.
I used a lot of screenshots, and I hope my sloppy English will help you understand.

GitHub repository and ZIP files are here.

If you have any feedback, I'd be happy if you could comment or create issue!
And if you think okadash looks good, please star on GitHub.
I am REALLY overjoyed XD

Thank you very much! :D

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