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🤦‍♂️ Weekly fail (34/2020)

You would think trying to stream live code of Q and A session would be easy right? No need to do a full dry run ahead of time because what could possibly go wrong? Well I'm here to say I failed last week doing that very thing. You see, streaming on YouTube or Twitch looks easy, as we watch our tech colleagues do it all the time. Making the assumption that "it should just work" is one way to fail spectacularly. And that is the key fail that I did this past week.

I attempted to stream a joint live Q and A session for answering Kentico Xperience development community questions with my good friend. It seemed to have went perfectly well for both him and I, as we had our conversation and answered a few questions on YouTube live for about 45 mins. In fact, I really enjoyed the conversation and thought we provided some good insight on how to ask a development question. I didn't even realize there was a problem until the stream was finished and I took my phone off of silent mode. My phone immediately lit up with about 10 notifications saying "Brian, the sound!, its doubling up and echoing!". The echoing was so bad that the few people watching didn't make it all the way through with us.

Lesson learned: Test your audio/video setup ahead of time, exactly as it should be, even with a second or third guest during that test, and even do a production stream to prove it's working. That way you can be sure not to fail like I did.

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