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What skills are really needed for a Web Development job?

I’m curious what skills are actually needed for a Web Development job, front end or back end. Thanks in advance 😁

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RVxLab • Edited

I’m going to assume you’re either a beginner or novice based on the codenewbie tag.

For frontend you’ll want a good grasp on responsive design (see also Mobile First), tooling for JavaScript such as Babel and TypeScript and CSS Preprocessors like PostCSS, Sass and Less.

For backend I’d mostly recommend learning how to use databases and security, especially protection against SQL Injections and Cross Site Scripting.

On top of web-specific stuff, learn Git. Git is incredibly popular and powerful.

This list is nowhere near all the things you’d end up learning, but I feel these are among the more important.

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I'm going to speak from frontend experience.
HTML and CSS are fairly easy to pick up (from my experience, and the stories of people I've talked to, at least) and they are also essential, but JavaScript takes more time and practice to really master. Start with the basics; jumping into frameworks like React, before learning the core language is just asking for trouble. Additionally, while a lot of places are moving away from using jQuery, you will still likely run into it on legacy applications, so once you have gotten a good handle on "vanilla" JavaScript, make jQuery your next step, even if it's not in-depth - then move on to one of the popular frameworks if you want to specialize.

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀 • Edited

One of the basic skills with no pun intended is to be able to accuretly search for what you are looking for.

So you start "frontend skills" and perhaps add 2020 at the end and you will see lots of opinions

The results with the most votes should be a little more worth reading but all opinions are valuable.

Here is two of the ones I liked most

These should get you started but of you have specific questions don't hesitate to ask

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Justin Young

Ability to solve problems.

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On top of this, the ability to break down big problems into smaller, more manageable problems.

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Michael Caveney • Edited

All of the above (below?) advice is good: I would add to that the ability to be able to find out what a value is doing at any point in the program lifecycle is integral for quick problem-solving. In short, if you don't know how to do step-through debugging in VSCode, Chrome Dev Tools, etc, make sure you get comfortable with that.

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Sean Allin Newell

Depends on the job!

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Fernando B 🚀