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How do you backup your code?

kovah profile image Kevin Woblick twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

I read a lot about all sorts of backups for various systems, but rarely see articles or advice for backing up the actual code of any software.

Do you create backups of your code? If yes, how do you organize these backups and which tools do you use? If not, why not and what holds you back?

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I generally view using Github/Bitbucket as a backup as you have a local copy of code and another hosted on the aforementioned services. I think automated server/EC2 backups are a more important backup that some overlook. I use EBS Volumes for that with AWS.


Raspberry Pi + Git, for code and my Linux user configs and /etc; besides the regular system backup with borg. I also have a local repos in an encrypted usb drive that I carry with me when I'm out.

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